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SHOgigs connects film producers with crew, ensuring Hollywood productions are efficiently staffed and cost-effective.

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What makes this different from other services?

  1. There is no monthly subscription or upfront fees for using SHOgigs!
  2. SHOgigs will only host top-rated, certified quality vetted professionals.
  3. Unlike other websites, SHOgigs isn’t a job board. We help Producers match with the best Freelancers near them.
  4. Productions will be able to add their preferred freelancers to a short-list where freelancers will be ensured first-dibs on gigs available-- thus creating strong and long-lasting connections between you two!

Is there monthly, subscription, or resume submission fees in order to use SHOgigs?

The SHOgigs platform is completely free to use. There are no upfront or monthly subscription fees. We make money by taking a small “match” fee when a Freelancer and a Producer are connected.

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